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Qiuwen Quan Earns Biochem Award

By April 9, 2021August 2nd, 2021No Comments

Congratulations to Coon lab member Qiuwen Quan who was selected to receive a 2021 Biochemistry Undergraduate Summer Research Award. This award was made in recognition of her excellent academic record and research proposal.

For her project, Quan will be working with graduate student Trent Peters-Clarke on enabling high-throughput characterization of modified RNAs by mass spectrometry. Building off of their previous work, which displayed the potential of NETD and AI-NETD for these biomolecules, the new work will leverage these technologies to garner valuable biological information in the form of RNA sequence and modification status. The aim is to better understand synthetic modifications in the burgeoning field of RNA therapeutics, for instance with COVID-19 vaccines.

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