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NickWilkes_20160525_304(1)We are excited to announce that Nick Riley has received an F99/K00 Fellowship from the National Institutes of Health, one of approximately 30 of these grants awarded nationwide. Sponsored through the National Cancer Institute, this fellowship is a Predoctoral to Postdoctoral Fellow Transition Award that provides up to two years of funding for Nick to finish his graduate work and up to four years of funding for his postdoctoral training. The F99/K00 fellowship is a new mechanism created to fund outstanding graduate students who have demonstrated potential and interest in pursuing careers as independent researchers. Nick will use this award to continue his graduate work in developing new MS instrumentation and methodology to study proteins and post-translational modifications with implications in human health and disease. With the postdoctoral phase of this F99/K00 fellowship, he looks to transition to cancer-focused research where he can integrate his analytical and instrumentation background with training in cancer biology to work at the interface of technology development and biological discovery.

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