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3rd Annual Corn Maze

By October 16, 2017No Comments

Coon group honors the state’s geological history while pulling off another exceptional team-building event for the third year in a row! Each year, Treinen Farms features a different design for its corn maze. This year, in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin-Madison Geology Museum, its science-themed maze starred the state’s official fossil, the trilobite Calymene celebra. Guided by the light of their headlamps, Coon’s group broke into teams and set off to navigate the twists and turns of the maze. Prizes were awarded to the first team members who were able to show evidence of visiting all ten checkpoints. Great food and many laughs were shared around the fire pit – we are all very much looking forward to next year!


  • Seeing adorable animals on the farm like chickens, goats, pigs, baby cows, and horses.
  • Eating fire-roasted hot dogs and s’mores.
  • Scavenger hunting through a giant trilobite maze, and then seeing a cast of the largest trilobite ever found!
  • Helping support the mission of the University of Wisconsin’s Geology Museum by learning about fossils.
  • Spending time with the team and working together to create a fantastic experience.

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