Salma Abou Elhassan

Integrated Program in Biochemistry Graduate Student

hailing from

Mansoura, Egypt


BSc in Molecular and Cell Biology with Double Minors in Chemistry and Bioinformatics from
The American University in Cairo (AUC), Cairo, Egypt




Tell us about your research focus or a current project and what interest you about it?

Currently, I am working on a longitudinal study with our collaborator, Prof. Rozalyn Anderson, to untangle the connection between caloric Restriction and prolonged survival in non-human primates through a multi-omics approach.

I am interested in this project since age has been a major risk factor for a variety of chronic diseases including cancer and diabetes. And the exciting part is that caloric restriction (CR) has been proven to not only alleviate risk factors accompanying aging but also improve longevity in several model organisms. By integrating ‘omics’, we can provide a network of biomarkers and better understand the changes in circulating factors linked to the benefits of CR, including longevity and delayed disease onset.

In the future, I would like to try everything Mass Spectrometry can do and improve the technology we are using for more extensive applications.


“Mass Spec instrumentation has the potential to facilitate experiments for meticulous research questions and mining huge biological data. “

Why did you come to the UW and the Coon lab?

As an international student, I wanted to join a place where I would be welcomed, and that is what I felt during the recruitment week. People in Madison are nice and embracing diversity.

I also chose UW-Madison as it is one of the top reputable research universities in the world with a long history with life and natural sciences. The research facilities and resources available at UW-Madison are truly impressive, and I was particularly drawn to the cutting-edge research being conducted in the Coon Lab. I have always been fascinated by the multidisciplinary nature of multi-omics studies, which bring together various scientific disciplines to provide a comprehensive and intricate understanding of research topics. But, during my rotation in the lab, I became more interested in gaining hands-on experience with Mass Spec instrumentation, as I saw its potential to facilitate experiments for meticulous research questions and mining huge biological data. I am lucky that I have joined the Coon lab. Not only are we highly productive and engaged in exciting collaborations with top-tier academia and industry partners, but the lab also has a supportive and collaborative culture that encourages everyone to work together towards common goals. It’s truly a privilege to be part of this amazing community of scientists, and I can’t wait to see where our research will take us next.


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